Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage

Using the healing power of massage, together with a concoction of traditional jamu and binding, our Javanese Post-Natal Massage is proven to relieve anxiety and extreme stress the body undergoes during pregnancy states. More importantly, it restores the body to its former beauty and proportion.

Our concoction of Traditional Jamu includes Jamu Tapel to help tone and tighten up stomach muscles and expel wind from the tummy after the delivery, Jamu Pills to prevent dizziness and blurred vision, Jamu Param helps restore natural body warmth and is best in eliminating joint pains such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Last but not least, the binding helps expel and prevent wind from entering the body, reduces tummy size after delivery, tighten back the stomach muscle, support and aid to straighten back the spine.

Benefits of our Javanese Post-Natal Therapy include:

  • Tightening and toning of loose tummy muscles
  • Elimination of toxins and excessive winds after childbirth
  • Reduction of water retention, exhaustion, fatigue, body aches & leg cramps
  • Relieve constipation and removal of any excessive blood clots after birth
  • Restoration of energy level and enhances well being
  • Stimulates milk production and helps breastfeeding
  • Reduction of postnatal depression and restores self confidence
  • Improve Muscle & Skin Tonage
  • Restores body to its former beauty & proportion